The Best Property Styling Courses You Can Find Online

Black arm chair, round coffee table, grey sofa and tall vases grace this property styled beautifully

Do You Want To Be A Successful Property Stylist?

How do you become a successful property stylist? You have been searching for courses that will help you realize and achieve your dream. You will be thrilled to know that you have found the best property styling courses on the internet.

online courses we offer will take you from zero to successful, giving you the skills and know-how to style properties with finesse and flair and start your own Property Styling company.

Our courses are
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 1: The Property Stylist
2: Why it’s important to take a property styling course?
3: What to look for in a property styling course?
4: How to find the right course for you?

1. The Property Stylist

  • Styled properties are done by property stylists. 
  • The property stylist will arrange a pre-styling meeting with the homeowner or real estate agent to evaluate and discuss the best approach to styling your property.
  • The stylist knows how to highlight the property’s special features and style into full sight of the buyers’ market.
  • On the day of installation, the styling company will bring into your home stylish furniture and décor. They will meticulously arrange the furniture, décor, and accessories in a manner that is lifestyle appealing to the buyers’ market.
  • Once the property has been styled professionally, the real estate agent will then take photos and publish these on various platforms to advertise the property for sale.

2: Why it's important to take a property styling course?

  • Property styling is a professional service available to homeowners when selling their property.
  • A stylist will need to know how to use design elements and different skills to accentuate the characteristics of a house.
  • There will be instances that the stylist would be required to know how to improvise if something does not go according to plan.
  • Property styling is not focused on just styling the interior of the house. Often the outdoor/patio areas need to be styled too.
  • The stylist would need to understand the role of colour, pattern, texture, and lighting when styling a house.

3: What to look for in a property styling course?

  • Is the course material experientially-based?
  • Is the course material updated and relevant to current trends?
  • Who wrote the course material.?
  • How user-friendly is access to the courses?
  • How easy to understand and doable are the contents?
  • How readily available is student support?
  • Are the courses, their structure, and outcomes clearly defined?
  • How readily available are the courses?
  • What is the duration of each course?

4: How to find the right course for you?

  • The course consists of three components; every component has its own set of courses.
  • Our experientially-based Business Courses are specially developed for those who want to start their own property styling business.

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