Decorative Cushions Add Style and Appeal to Your Home Staging

a beige sofa styled with a knotted grey decorative cushion

When selling your home, first impressions matter. Therefore, every space must look its best before potential buyers come for a viewing. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by using decorative cushions. They are one of the easiest and most effective ways to add style and appeal to your home and when staging it before selling.

Cushions add colour, texture, and visual interest to any space, making it look more aesthetic, inviting, and stylish. They can be used to highlight key features of a room such as a bay window or to soften hard furnishings and make a room look more welcoming and comfortable.


1. Decorative Cushions: Identify Your Colour Palette

There are no hard and fast rules for styling cushions. The most important thing is to have fun and experiment with different colours, styles, and textures to create a unique look.

Look around the room and identify two or three main colours as the basis of your colour palette. These colours can be drawn from existing furnishings, wall art, curtains, or accessories in the room or area.

After identifying your colour palette, you can begin by selecting cushions that feature one or more of these colours. There is no need for the cushions to be identical; however, they should cohesively relate to each other.

2. Create an Illusion - Emphasise a Focal Point

As any property stylist knows, the key to creating a beautiful space is all about presentation and illusion. And one of the best ways to achieve this is the use of texture, colour, and pattern.

Cushions with interesting patterns, like polka dots, can help to make a narrow sofa look wider. This is because the repeating patterns create the illusion of extra space in certain spots.

Similarly, using cushions with stripes or lines can help to naturally draw the eye toward a focal point. Vertical lines or patterns will cause the eye to move upward, while horizontal lines or patterns will cause the eye to move left or right.

3. Combining Textures

an assortment of decorative cushions of different texture and colour

Inject style into the genre when combining decorative cushions of multiple textures to create interest and add depth of field or display as focal points. Cushions with tasseled accents are an excellent choice. Place a cushion with a rough texture together with one of smooth texture.

4. Mix Cushion Shapes and Sizes

decorative cushions of various shapes and sizes
  • Combine rectangular and square cushions to attract attention.
  • Combining cushions with varied inner fillings will also add interesting combinations.

    For example, some cushions can have feather inners and be soft and snuggly. Other cushions with foam inners will appear more rigid and formal.

5. The "Karate Chop"

sofa with 5 decorative cushions

To break up uniform shapes and to make cushions look more lived in, create a crease in the top middle of the cushion with a “chop” made with the side of your hand.

6. Follow your Heart and Styling Instinct

loung area styled with l-shaped sofa,trown and deocrative cushions

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sofa styled with white and beige decorative cushions

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