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Total learning: 15 lessons Time: 3 hours
  • Declutter and Clean: Living room
    • Lecture1.1
  • Decorate with the right cushions: Living room
    • Lecture2.1
    • Lecture2.2
  • How to select the perfect rug for the living room
    • Lecture3.1
    • Lecture3.2
  • Accessory placement, colour and selection for living room
  • Furniture layout solutions: maximise flow and space in the Living room
    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
  • Living Area furniture positioning for small, medium, large living rooms
    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
  • Bringing light into the living area
    • Lecture7.1
    • Lecture7.2
  • Practical session
    • Lecture8.1
    • Lecture8.2

Styling the Coffee Table

The main rule when it comes to styling the coffee table and side tables is not to overdo it. This will create a cluttered busy look that is not very appealing to the eye.

Below is a list of items homeowners can use to style their coffee tables with:

  • Hardcover book (remove the dust cover it is too colourful)
  • Candle
  • Small succulent or artificial plant
  • Vase

Below is a couple of examples of items Property Stylists can use when styling coffee tables:

Our advice is that you buy your accessories from a wholesaler in bulk.  Keep your colours neutral so that they will blend in with most artwork pieces and room colour schemes.

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