DIY: Dining Room Staging & Styling To “Dine” For


Dining Rooms, in most homes, are the heartbeat of the home.  This is the place family comes together for special occasions, share conversation and enjoy each other’s company.  Unfortunately, this space gets overlooked when it comes to preparing your property for sale. Because this room mainly consists of a table and chairs, property owners assume there is nothing to do in this space.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Getting the scale and proportions right, will leave a lasting impression on your buyer.

Whether you want to become a property stylist or just wanting to provide your clients with a consultation, this course covers it all. Create a dining space that is tranquil, light, spacious and according to scale.

What Are You Going To Learn In This Course?

We will be covering the following topics and so much more…

  Decluttering and cleaning – what to do before thinking of styling the dining area

  Using the correct layout and paint colours to:

      • Make a small dining room feel bigger
      • Make a large dining room feel cosy
      • Make a dark dining room more brighter and more inviting
      • Open plan dining/living vs separate dining area, is there a difference when styling for sale?

 Different shapes and types of tables, and which one will suit your space better

  Different types of chairs and when to use them

  How to style your table and dining room

✓  How to style your buffet/ console or sideboard in a dining room

  We will finish off by looking at some Before and After Case studies to test your skills and put what you have learned during the training into practice

What will you be able to do after this course?

  Present a dining room that will appeal to most buyers

  Create an inviting space for the buyers

  Help anyone with decorating their dining room

This course is perfect for?

  Anyone that wants to learn more about Interior Decorating.

  Homeowners preparing to sell their properties

  Thinking of making property staging a new career – this is perfect for you.

  Are you a property developer, we will teach you how to create a living room space that will tick all the boxes.

Course Content

Total learning: 10 lessons Time: 4 hours
  • De-clutter winning recipe
    • Lecture1.1
  • Professional Dining Styling Methods
    • Lecture2.1
  • Small dining room? Apply these 3 best kept secrets
    • Lecture3.1
    • Lecture3.2
    • Lecture3.3
  • Styling a medium to large dining room
    • Lecture4.1
  • Large dining? Make it inviting by applying these principles
  • Buffet styling techniques
    • Lecture6.1
  • Dining Room Accessories
    • Lecture7.1
  • Put your knowledge to the test: Before and After pictures
    • Lecture8.1

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